Lexus moved GX from Future to Current Vehicle on Website


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Aug 24, 2023
Oklahoma City, OK
Lexus has moved the GX from Future to Current Vehicle on the Website.

You can now build a vehicle. There are lots of accessories available. Disappointed that the skid plates are not listed although the rock rails are.

I built an Overtrail with a few accessories and it was around $72,500.

I wanted the Mark Levinson sound system but you have to get the Plus model and then add the Levinson. Basically $9000 extra. Most of the Plus on the Overtrail is fluff in my opinion. If the Plus was cheaper like it is on the Premium or Luxury I might consider it.

When we can "build it" with the 4Max powertrain that will be an interesting spec to play with. Until then I'm on the LC bandwagon...
With the sunroof deleted and most of the other available options checked my totaled $71,149

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 6.28.30 AM.png