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May 5, 2024
Coldstream, BC
2024 first edition (waiting). 1991 turbo diesel vx.
Hi. I’m from Canada - where Toyota hasn’t sold land cruisers for 35 years.

These are the land cruisers I’ve owned:
1. 1994 Prado. Traded this for my next one
2. 75 series pickup. Was previously a search and rescue vehicle in Curaçao
3. 1981 40 series
4. 1984 40 series (this year wasn’t available up north)
5. 1990 80 series turbo diesel (LHD)
6. 2009 105 series turbo diesel (Australia). It’s 100 series with solid axle.
7. 1991 80 series turbo diesel (RHD) - current.

2024 First Edition - will get it next month hopefully. Dealer has confirmed allocation. Hopefully I get it in time to drive across Canada in august. Researching now RTT options - the factory roof rack looks like only 75kg. So deciding if I should upgrade the roof rack or maybe soft shell - iKamper is exactly the load limit, but I’d rather a metal hard shell.