LC 250 vs Rivian R2


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Feb 17, 2024
Richmond, VA
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While obviously the Rivian is still 2 years away from first deliveries, I must admit the R2 looks like a 4Runner and R1S had a baby.

Killer features would have too be automatic rear window (like a 4Runner) & the folding flat front seats for camping w/ air mattress. 300+ miles with the mid trim coming in probably around 50k-55k before any federal or state tax incentives. This puts it close to the 1958 model in pricing. They have a solid track record for actual off-road capability, and the classic boxy SUV style is present here (I like it at least).

Hybrid LC250 vs fully Electric Rivian R2 is another debate, but Rivian really is cooking up something nice.

Maybe this might be a nice pair with the LC 250?


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I was really impressed with all the features and like you I was excited to see the roll down rear window. I also thought the fold down front row seats was slick. I'm interested to learn more about the suspension. If the price for a nicely equipped AWD, dual motor is around $55,000, I think it will be a success.
The new Rivian R2 is impressive. I'm with @Paint , I want to drive/drift the R3X! It looks like a fun little retro rally car.
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Always loved the Rivans just a bit out of my price range. Good for them for diversifying!
My neighbor and good friend had been planning to get a new Rivian R1 and upon spending time with it at his dealer he bailed out. Said the quality and overall value just wasn't what he expected. He's now on the hunt for a Heritage Blue FE.
Fold down front seats is a great feature. The Land Cruiser doesn't have even have rear seats that fold flat as there is a ledge - would be tough to sleep in without some modifications.