Land Cruiser First Edition VS 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road


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Dec 11, 2023
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Starting at 10:20 they open the fuel door. Premium Unleaded Fuel Only. Payload @ 18:31, 1100 lbs.

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Man, that’s a terribly low payload. Wonder if that’s why there isn’t a third row?
these guys are giants making Land Cruiser look like RAV4 size
Man, that’s a terribly low payload. Wonder if that’s why there isn’t a third row?

I think the battery is one the causes of the low payload. It's definitely the reason for no third row.

The payload is actually 933 lbs. if you take the 167 lb. yellow caution sticker adjustment off.
I wish the payload was greater, but my wife and I overland with a ground tent; so 1,100 pounds in this off-road capable vehicle that already has rock rails, skid plates, a good quality roof rack, the 2400w AC inverter, multi terrain monitoring, full size spare, and trailer hitch leaves plenty of payload for 1-2 people in my experiences. I’d gladly trade another 100+ pounds for a larger fuel tank, but other than that I am excited by the specs of this vehicle for my intended use. I was in the process of importing a Prado when they announced this vehicle. For my use the Prado is the right size. I don’t need three rows and only use my trailer hitch for my mountain bikes. In Toyota’s defense there aren’t that many places in North-Central-South America where a 300+ mile range is a problem. We’ll have to see in real world conditions what the real range is. I already plan to carry 8-12 gallons extra to drive Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay in 2025 but I’ll drive this a few years before deciding if I need to add an auxiliary tank. Just carry extra on trips when I need it until then.