Land Cruiser First Drive!

Pleased to hear positive review with the European diesel engine, makes me hopeful that the extra horsepower and torque you get with the US hybrid will translate to an even better review.
I would love a diesel. Unfortunately, the unethical executives at Volkswagen ruined it for us in the USA….
I hear that- especially the single tank range. Funny- the Australian commentary seems to cry for the gas hybrid that we're getting.
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Price in Belgium (tax included):
"It starts with the TX finish offered at €75,220 . Then come the TX-L at €83,570, the VX at €88,180, the VX-L at €95,100 and finally the First Edition at €98,900 . Incidentally, let's note that, compared to the previous generation (equipped with the same engine), the entry level has still increased by more than €9,000"