JBL audio quality


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May 19, 2024
2017 4runner TRD Pro, 4x4 Sprinter van, Porsche 964
For those that have the premium JBL audio, how's the quality?
I've read mixed reviews. What does it compare to?
Is it worth the upgrade or would it be better to add aftermarket speakers etc?
Can the JBL system be upgraded/tweaked more?
Iโ€™ts not harman kardon or bowers and wilkins (bmw) but i think its like a 7 out of 10 and nicer than i would expect for a Toyota.
Itโ€™s pretty good. Itโ€™s clear but lacks power and punch. Thinking about a small sub, waiting to see what custom solutions come out.
I have always been intrigued by the slim self powered subs that mount under a seat. I wonder if that would be enough to make it sound better?
Subwoofer in the LC 250 is located in the rear door/hatch. Watched a review saying it is hardly noticeable it even has one and the audio controls are pretty basic treble, base etc. No eq tuning currently. Interested to see what people come up with for solutions.
I have wondered the same, but I wonder how the stereo is for us common folk getting the regular Land Cruiser trim

Take this with a grain of salt, but I really like the base stereo in the 1958 and haven't even bothered to tune it. The soundstage is high and forward. Highs are clear/snappy and mids strong. I really haven't pushed the low-end because I'm mostly listening to podcasts and the occasional rock/EDM track.

Coming from a '15 DCSB Tacoma with several iterations of aftermarket sound systems, last being Image Dynamics speakers all around, 8" Sundown subwoofer behind the rear seats, 5-channel Sundown amp, and Alpine ILX-W670 head unit. I could never get that truck sounding totally right... it was loud for sure... but I can hear a lot more detail in the LC's OEM stereo.

Main difference is that when I bought the Tacoma I knew right away I'd have to mess with the stereo. No so much with the 1958.