Japan Mobility Expo - In Person With The New Prado! 2024 Land Cruiser 250 Series First Impressions

It's cool to see Toyota actually built a yoke drive Prado, but this YouTuber does not appear to be credible. He seems to infer the vehicle is a diesel hybrid and does not provide citations for the numerous clips he combines with his footage of the Japan Mobility Show.
Hi is from Australia. They will only get the Diesel, as you only get the 2.4T Hybrid US.

"The Toyota LandCruiser has clocked up an epic 10 million sales worldwide – including more than 1.065 million in Australia – as the latest figures show more have been sold here over the past 65 years than any other place on earth."
I always like hearing from David.

I think the LC 250 is a much better value than the LC 300. The functionality and performance may be similar, but the value is a paradigm shift improvement on the LC 250. The investment in value engineering on the TNGA-F platform is the reason why I’m so interested to see how this value is passed along to the customer without compromising functionality and performance.

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