Welcome to the forum OverCurious! Best get that LC ordered! Cannot speak for your neck of the woods, but here there are some long waiting lists, and sadly dealers asking healthy ADM's. Confession, had to Google Tuktoyaktuk. Sounds like just the challenge for a LC.

Excited about finally visiting Tuktoyaktuk and exploring the rest of North America in my (yet to be ordered) Land Cruiser Land Cruiser!

Welcome to the forum! What trim level are you most interested in?
Thanks, Nuke!
An Dual Motor Model Y w/ Wildpeak AT tires, skid plates, mattress and fridge just can't be coaxed all the way to the Arctic Ocean ๐Ÿคฃ

Just reached out to MSRP Longo Toyota here in LA, but was not surprised when they told me List was closed to having over 100 orders! Not in a rush, so willing to wait for Dealer I've dealt with before.

Because of the limited supply, Toyota announced a 40% cut in production due to COVID outbreaks in Southeast Asia where supply chains are shut down. These are key suppliers of parts needed to produce units for the US. Without them, the production line must stop. The good news is WE DO NOT MARK UP THE PRICE here at Longo Toyota, not like other dealerships. We just sell at MSRP.