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Feb 5, 2024
Dayton, WA
89 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 81 Chevy K20
Hello all,

Ben and Collette here from Dayton, WA. We currently have an '89 Jeep YJ, an '81 Chevy K20, an '07 Acura TSX and a '19 Accord.
Everything except the TSX has the good ole row-it-yourself gearbox. Hence, it will probably be the one sold off outright when we are able to jump on a Cruiser. :)
We also have a '72 Glasply 24' Cuddy Cabin and a '79 Glasply 17' runabout and an Old Wonky House built in 1884.
The boats, older rigs and the house are all projects, but definitely labors of love. We both share a love of good vehicles and nice design.

As I'm sure everyone here has, we've fallen in love with the '24 Landcruiser redesign. We are both huge fans of the J40 & J60/70 and LOVE that the Toyota team has gotten away from the bloated, expensive J100/200 back to what it should be. We always say we need 'GEAR' here in this rural area, and the new Cruiser seems to fit that bill. We are looking at a 1958 Edition in Meteor Shower, hoping to add about a 2" lift, and build and/or buy our own accessories. Started actively engaging with 'local' dealers recently, and can't decide whether to put down a deposit or go with a dealer in Spokane that has a 'first come, first serve' policy. They say they should get allocation #'s later this month and pretty firm delivery dates.

This would be the first electrified vehicle we've ever had and were originally hoping for a straight 6 (or a 12-valve Cummins haha.) but the extra torque will be pretty awesome for towing and crawling off road. We intend to use the rig, not baby it. I trust Toyota's reliability even with the hybrid powertrain so I'm very optimistic.

Love, love, love what they've done with this! Dreaming!

Thanks for having us!
Ben and Collette Eddy
Dayton, WA
Welcome. Like you, I'm looking forward to that electric motor hybrid boost for torque. Sounds like your waitlist in Spokane is far shorter than many other spots in the county, so you're fortunate. I'm #23 in my area despite having put down a deposit 6 months ago!