Interior dimensions - leg room, head room, and cargo space


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May 5, 2024
san diego
2024 LC
curious for folks who have taken delivery if they feel that the dimensions listed online are correct.

my wife has a 2017 rav4 hybrid and based on the dimensions listed online the LC has:

  • Slightly worse headroom in front and second row
  • Slightly better shoulder room in front and second row
  • Comparable hip room up front, better hip room in second row
  • Significantly worse leg room in front and second row - 10 inches less in both cases
  • Slightly better cargo space (37.5 cu ft vs. 35.6 cu ft)

I have sat in two LC's and driven one...and I felt like there was much more space in the LC vs. my wives Rav4. Also just looking at the cargo space it seems to have way more space too.

I know that Toyota has misrepresented some of the LC details online - previously it said the LC had manual passenger seat even on LC & FE package and I think (but dont fully rememeber) at one point it said the cargo space was the same as the RAV4.

Curious to get insight from folks who own one and also comparisons to anyone who owns one and a 2017 Rav4.

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What about the leg room ? Line 2 and 4 are identical.
Thanks - mistake on my part I edited. Leg room is significantly worse (~10 inches) in both rows.

Based on sitting in both cars I didn’t feel that to be the case, so curious if there’s an error online.
Dimensional specs are quite lacking or unreliable as pointed out on here and by some of the auto journalists in their reviews. How much longer do we have to wait for the official Toyota specs? ....a bit frustrating. I have owned a 2016 and 2018 RAV4...there's no way the LC should be smaller in any respect just by viewing the online vids and pics.