✅ Ideas for "Verified Owner" badges?

El Chorizo

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Jul 7, 2023
Austin, TX
Since it looks like people are going to be taking home their vehicles soon, I was looking for a way we can verify actual owners and give them a badge here on the site. Just a little graphic near their username. I'd like for people to post a thread and a pic... maybe them holding up a paper in front of their opened vehicle? Maybe a picture of the inner door panel with VIN... but anyone at a dealership could get that.

I'm looking for ideas... something that doesn't give away any valuable personal information but that still verifies that they do own one. Thoughts?
How about a copy of the MSRP sticker removed from the window with the keys. Not sure a dealership will allow anyone to do that.

For me, anything but a personal picture.
take a picture of your phone with Toyota app and the land cruiser added and activated with remote connect and digital key along with your forum page id

only owner is able to show that
I like this, I think this will be perfect.
I like this, I think this will be perfect.
an improved idea, on smartphones there's a view on both Android and iOS that looks like this.
Using my 4Runner as example, an authenticated vehicle should have the ability to remote start (yes, even the base trim Land Cruiser gets remote connect capability for the first year for free)
Just take a screenshot on the smartphone showing the vehicle app and some form of forum id association would suffice.

For those who are more privacy conscious and refuse to sign up for these connected services, I think just take a picture of your redacted sales contract, 2 keys with your Land Cruiser in the background