Howdy Fellow LC Nuts


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Mar 20, 2024
SW Utah
2021 4Runner TRD Pro
Over the past 20 years, I've had three 4Runners and an FJ Cruiser. In between was a Ford 4x4 Sportsmobile "apocalypse" van. 'loved them all! My current '21 4Runner TRD Pro (lunar rock) gets me out into the SW desert, often pulling a trailer for overnight stays. I enjoy the desert's solitude and usually have a couple new places on my "must visit" list. I'm retired and have more time than common sense.

Although my current 4Runner, at 7,000 miles per year, will outlive me, the new LC caught my eye and has me seriously considering a change. Problem is, there's also a next gen 4Runner on the horizon. Solution? I put down a deposit on both models and joined the long waiting list. Larry Miller Toyota in Murray UT has over 130 on the LC list and another 30+ on the yet-to-be revealed 4Runner list. It might take up to 2 years for me to take delivery but will be able to compare the two vehicles by then.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your threads and appreciate the passion, excitement and expertise.

Oh, my dream LC? The Land Cruiser model in Desert Sand. Still debating the Premium Package because it has a lot of stuff I'll absolutely never use. I'll probably source and install my own rock rails, roof rack and larger tires. That is, of course, unless I like the 2025 4Runner better...
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I'm also waiting on the 4Runner, as well as how LC pricing shakes out later this summer. Car sales are tanking and I need that to continue LOL

I'm reasonably certain at this point that I'm going to tell all the dealers to bite me (over their 'options' they add at the port and dealer) and just buy a used 4Runner. But I'm holding out hope that I can get a LC trim in the low 60s.
I’ve sure loved my 4Runners and am nervous about the next gen. Not a 4-cylinder convert yet but do like better MPG and more capabilities. A solid used one might be the way to go. But, if the LC is a home run it might be worth it.