Hi From North Carolina


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Dec 30, 2023
Raleigh, NC
2018 Highlander, 2015 Prius V
Hi there from beautiful Raleigh, NC! New to the forum but previously owned a 2000 Prado turbo diesel (European spec while living in Africa). I’ve owned a lot of Toyotas (currently 2015 Prius V for myself and 2019 Highlander for the family) but my Prado was my very favorite. Looking to get a new LC250 and give my Prius V to my son when he turns 16 in 2025.

No deposit yet as I don’t need it for 18 months, but talking to local dealers and may put one down soon just to have the options.

Anyway, thanks for welcoming me!
Welcome to the forum! Hopefully the LC250 will be easier to order/available on dealer lots in 2025.
welcome reclaim! I actually have deposits down on Prius prime and LC250, have been debating. we already have a 2023 outback as family/ski vehicle. However, ive recently decided to just go for it and get the LC250! Always dreamt of a new generation 4runner - never owned a Toyota before but the LC250 is just too good to pass up.
Welcome rdclaim ! I still own a 2007 Turbo Diesel Landcruiser.