Hello from Cincinnati!


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Jan 21, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio
23 GR Supra MT, 16 Lexus IS300awd, 95 Mazda Miata
Hello! My name is Rich, future LC owner. We have too many cars right now:
2023 GR Supra MT
2021 Mazda 3 (wife's car)
2016 Lexus IS300awd
2016 Mazda 6 MT (wife's car)
1995 Mazda Miata AX car

I am excited about the new Land Cruiser. It will most likely replace the IS300. I plan on drivng the LC from Ohio to California and back shortly after purchasing one. I like to golf (585 different courses so far) and I plan on taking a month next year to travel and play a bunch of golf courses on my bucket list.


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Welcome Rich! How soon are you planning this event? It appears the LC will be very difficult to get. The first 5000 to be produced during the initial two months of production will be of the First Edition variants. My dealer has not been very encouraging, and IF he is allocated a First Edition, it is his personally. :( Have you considered traveling the historic Route 66?
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Welcome nashcarr! How soon are you planning this event? It appears the LC will be very difficult to get. The first 5000 to be produced will be of the First Edition variants.
The 2023 manual GR Supras were nearly impossible to get (-1100 manuals made worldwide) and I scored one, at msrp even.

I'll keep an eye out for a sticker deal. I am in no rush, which means I refuse to pay over sticker!

I am still undecided on color, and I dislike the fact that one cannot order a Toyota. I hate their allocation system as it makes finding your desired spec difficult.

And, we drove a lot of Rte 66 back in 2017. This won't be until May 2025 when I take early retirement!
I too refuse to pay over sticker! Luckily, the two nearby Toyota dealerships do not have a mark-up. However, this said, I am also courting the idea of the Lexus GX550, sibling to the LC. I think it will be much quieter and smoother with the V6. Yes, not a hybrid, but battery technology is evolving so rapidly that it scares me a bit. From doing some research, I also favor the Lexus 10-speed over the LC 8-speed tranny. Speaking of the Toyota allocation system, very recently their master allocation list was posted on the Tacoma forum. Hopefully it will be updated periodically, IF Toyota does not force it off. Of course, no LC's on there as yet.
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Welcome to the forum @nashcarr - nice collection of vehicles!