Front Plate Mount mandatory states


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Jan 12, 2024
Manasquan, NJ
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I'm in NJ and it's illegal to not run a front plate. This is the only rendering of a US plate (not European which is thinner). Will this mess with the cooling/cause overheating issues?

Where are the important spots on the front bumper? I see the lower camera at the bottom. Any other areas of concern not to cover?


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anyone know where exactly the dynamic radar cruise control module is? I assume dead center front bumper? is it right below the 'TOYOTA' letters or down by the front camera? As a firefighter in NJ, i like to add a half plate topper or bottom to my plate but I might not be able to if it interferes with the cruise control radar. I guess it may be a trial and error thing
I'm hopeful someone will make a nice license plate mount that mounts low on the bumper like they do for the Bronco.