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Mar 8, 2024
West Linn
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I owned a 1986 Land Cruiser which I loved. Fast forward a number of years and here I am. My brother has wanted me to join his Jeep community and buy a Rubicon, but I have had doubts about the Chrysler quality reputation. I found the new LCs by accident and cannot wait to get my hands on one. I am looking at the mid-trim LC, but I do want to lift it and install skid plates. (Also questioning the quality of the optional rock rails...) Does anyone have insight into aftermarket manufactures providing under-car armor of the new LCs? The only other option is to go for the 1st Edition, but the incremental price seems high... THANKS!
There is such a huge aftermarket ecosystem for Toyota/Lexus off roaders, I'm sure every established vendor will make one for the new land cruiser when they can get their hands on it for R & D