Disappointment with the new Land Cruiser reveal?


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Jul 7, 2023
2014 4runner, 2021 Bronco
Has anyone else experienced a sense of disappointment following the recent announcement of the new Land Cruiser model? Given the considerable anticipation that surrounded its unveiling, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks.
Watching the reviews now. A LOT of hard plastics, even the window sills, and only three models initially it appears. So, at least at introduction, they appear spartan. There is a First Edition model, and need to see more information regarding this trim level.
I'm really happy with the interior. I like the physical buttons. I'm getting so tired of touch screen interfaces that you can't "feel". It's harder to use while driving, not to mention the interfaces can be slow sometimes. Not disappointed at all...
I think they have added some nice features to the base trim level for the price point. The 1958 model comes standard with a locking rear differential, 2-inch tow hitch, trailer brake, 6,000-pound towing capacity, crawl control, center differential lock, etc.

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