Catalytic Converter Location


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Mar 4, 2024
2024 Land Cruiser, 1958 Ice Cap
As a California resident, I am unfortunately in a high risk area for catalytic converter thefts. Just curious - is the catalytic converter difficult to access on the Land Cruiser? Do the skid plates offer any protection? I may need to go after market for additional armor if it is easy to access.
Agreed. Someone stole the cats off my 2018 Sequoia. They nicked the transmission cooler as well $9800 covered by insurance thankfully but I had to pt for 3 months of rental cars flyer the first 30 days. Traded it in as soon as it came out of the shop for a 2022 Bronco.

I don’t need that again
The inconvenience or the bronco? 🤣🤣🤣
Inconvenience…the Bronco is/was awesome…but really loud with respect to wind noise and the Stereo sucked. Fun as heck to drive. They let you have a free day at the Bronco off-rodeo where they give you one of their stock Broncos and track you how to drive it. We did a fair amount of rock crawling with it.

I am losing it in a divorce.

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