4Runner for too long!

Welcome from the Austin! I completely agree, I think we'll see a lot of current 4runner owners swap to the new Land Cruiser. (y)
My intense interest is what the next generation 4Runner will be, a moderate transformation, or something radically different? Also, will the FJ Cruiser return? A teaser of an EV FJ was at a show some time ago, not that I would wish to off-road here in the west in an EV where charging stations are few and far between. The off-road market is hot currently, and it appears Toyota is stepping up to meet the competition.
Welcome from Fredericksburg, TX! I agree, I think the new Land Cruiser is the perfect upgrade for older 4Runner owners.
Friscoe, TX... are you close to "The Star" ? Welcome to the site!
Thank you! I am about 5 min from "The Star". I will miss the rear window on my 4Runner if I get a LC!