250 interior storage add-on


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May 16, 2024
2015 Subaru Forester
I’m about to take possession of my new 250. It seems like the interior nooks and crannies are lacking. I was wondering what other people have done to increase/manage storage from the front seat (sunglass holders, place for pens and other miscellaneous stuff)

Obviously, I could just buy a couple small organizers, but wanted to see if anybody got creative
One of my observations in life is that "crap expands to fill the available space." Having said that, I am having trouble transitioning to my new LC, coming from 4Runner (and Tundra before that). Such a dearth of storage space! Looking forward to seeing this thread develop with some innovative ideas.

PS...I am not skilled enough to figure out the coolbox removal and replacement but am going to jump on that as soon as someone posts instructions.... seems like a silly gimmick that cuts out half the small console space.
I know there was an aftermarket storage tray that could be added to old LCs, see link below. I honestly think for me this is all I need. Hoping someone creates one soon for lc250….

First Gen Wrangler JK’s and Mazda Miata both suffered from the same lack of storage. Solved it back then with seat back storage (cheap pockets or fancy molle solutions), storage pockets that wedge between seats and console, and strapping poches to the roll bars (not applicable here).

Maybe not as elegant as lots of factory storage, but you also have a giant cargo area to keep lots of organizers and such.
We can help you add some storage to the rear!