'24 Land Cruiser/GX550 at Overland Expo - East?


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Sep 15, 2023
Has anybody heard if Toyota will be bringing the '24 Land Cruiser and/or GX550 to the Overland Expo - East coming up in a few weeks?

They had a great showing at the Overland Expo - Mountain West, and it would be a great opportunity for east coast people to see one in person.
An exciting update...Toyota confirmed that both the GX550 and 1958 edition LC will be at Overland Expo - East this weekend!
That's great news! Are you going to be able to attend this show?
If you can give me more specifics on what youre interested in, I would be happy to take photos or ask!
Thanks. Interested in knowing whether there are any suspension-related upgrades available if the Land Cruiser trim or Premium Package is selected. Also, I've seen at least 2 different outlets report that the new model comes with Adaptive Variable Suspension, which I tend to doubt as erroneous reporting.
Have fun at the Expo.

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