2024 Toyota Tundra Overview | Toyota


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Jul 8, 2023

Toyota Tundra boasts impressive power and capability, backed by Toyota's reputation for quality, durability, and reliability. Tundra has it all, from an all-round capable truck to the ultimate adventure machine. Let's take a closer look and see what makes Tundra such a stand-out full-size truck.
The new Tundra hybrid system is similar to the LC 250. I expect they may even share some component part numbers. AMD from “The Car Care Nut” channel is biased, but have no trouble watching his videos anyway. This explanation of the Tundra’s hybrid system helped me decide on the LC 250.

Thanks for the video, I don’t think I’d seen this one of his. I generally really like his videos, they seem quite well done with enough detail for mechanics while not being overwhelming for those of us who don’t even bother to change our own oil. He obviously has his preferences for Toyota no doubt (especially if you see his reviews of other cars), but honestly watching his stuff has helped me to consider a Toyota.