It's great to hear from Moritsu-san. Mike Sweers from Toyota has estimated the development cost for a new model at several billion USD, and I'm excited to learn more about the design team. On the topic of market position for the new LC250, the 4Runner is noticeably missing from conversations on the subject. I will not miss the 4Runner name if it goes away, the Land Cruiser branding is much better for the LC250.
"they feel like there is gap between the LC300 series and the 70 series so they want to reposition the Landcruiser in the mid level between the two and go back to the original intent of the Landcruiser which means a 4x4 for everyone and not necessarily a premium luxury vehicle and that's why they didn't want to call it Landcruser Prado because it's actually not a Prado, it's a new model designed to fit between those two models ...."

Sorry if The Engineer is a friend of yours, there are many interesting info from him but this one is absolute nonsense.

There is no gap in between LC70 and LC300 because in US you have none of them 🤕 , and because in most other places we have the LC150 and we had the LC120, LC90.:rolleyes:
Then at 55k+tax starting price LC250 it's not a 4x4 for everybody.

Everything is a marketing issue, and Toyota is doing great! If in Australia they will get the full range of Landcruisers 70, 250, 300 plus the Lexus GX and LX :cool:, in Europe they will probably only sell the LC250 (today they only sell the LC150) and in US you will get the LC250 and the 4Runner plus the GX and LX.

"it's actually not a Prado" ... he still did not get it! Prado it's just a different name but the same car. On some markets (not in Europe) these models LC90, 120, 150, 250 have been always called Landcruiser Prado.
Prado or not, just give us a solid 4x4. I am in love with LC for decades. From Mercedes 600 V 12 to Maseratis to BMW 800 series, I have driven them all. Sturdiness to stability to the pure joy of driving an LC, LC beats them all hands down and 2 thumbs up

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