2024 Land Cruiser 1958 vs Land Cruiser trims: I Compare so you Can Decide!

I suspect no. They made them hinged so that people could access the 3rd row (in other countries than US).
I have not seen running boards on 1958. Is that optional.
Also wondering, if I can have a few names of dealers, in Southern California, who will charge me not over the MSRP?
I think I saw elsewhere that it's likely to be dealer option installed. Once the Toyota opens the build your LC on the websites, I think it'll be flooded with looky loos.
How about the flip up glass at the back. If you need to carry something long, like a roll of carpet, is it sturdy enough to stay flipped up on while driving on local/ surface streets?
This is not the purpose but of course you can drive on local streets with the window flipped out.

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