1958 edition initial review first month/ 1k miles


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May 28, 2024
1958 landcruiser
Introducing my 1958 black horse. I purchased it on memorial day for MSRP 57k. First drive, was surreal. I had driven the 2024 Tacoma non hybrid version a few times and couldn't get over the turbo lag issues and poor turning radius. Previously I owned a 5th gen 4runner and also a 3rd gen 4runner. I was going to purchase a 6th gen 4runner, but I do not like the looks. I have gotten an good amount of compliments on this vehicle and people stopping to the point where I can't keep track anymore. Believe it or not, some guy with a Bugatti pulled up quickly next to me and slowed down to my speed mid freeway. He just stared down my car then looked at me and gave me a nod. Some other guy on the freeway cut me off and flipped me off- I quickly pulled up next to him and he said bastard you got a landcruiser its F*** sick. Then some random young girl started taking pictures of my car and telling me how much she loves it. Those are just a few interesting encounters I had with this base model, but now lets go into real driving experience.

Right off the bat - no turbo lag here and a way better turning radius. Its obvious I am driving a 4 banger, but the electric power keeps this vehicle feeling more lively than the 2024 Tacoma. My favorite part is when the engine shuts off randomly and I am driving completely silent through my neighborhood. MPG's have been great at 24 mpg avg. The first few hundred miles I noticed some clunking with the braking system when slowing down from high speeds to a full stop (regenerative to hydraulic brakes). That has seemed to work itself out and I no longer experience those clunks. It might have been an initial brake in, but I haven't had clunks for over 700 miles. ALERTS can be very annoying on this vehicle. Especially if you put a bike rack behind the vehicle. You will need to keep parking sensors and brake assist off, but you will find the vehicle will constantly remind at start up that you have these features off. This is something Toyota needs to fix. Another issue I experience is some vibration on the drivers side mirror and light internal rattling. Assembly itself seems to be sturdy, but something is rattling in there. I can hear it when I open and close the door. Mirror vibrates a bit over 65mph too. Its not enough for me take to the dealership as from what I read this seems to be a common problem with toyota's. My wifes 2023 rav4 also vibrates a bit. If I took it to the dealership now I am sure they would tell me to kick rocks. I am going to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse before taking it in.

Besides that this vehicle is extremely solid. I feel confident, almost too confident driving it. I want to push it every time I drive it, but I can't find anything challenging enough. It begs for more. I am sure I will find its weak point, but as of now its the most confident vehicle I've owned.

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