Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Gains Rugged Looks And Even A Camper Kit By Japanese Tuners


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Jul 8, 2023

The SUV gains off-road bits by Jaos, sporty touches by Modellista and a bed kit by Toy Factory
  • Japanese buyers get a wide variety of options to customize their Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Series.
  • Jaos and Modellista focus on the exterior, while Toyota’s genuine accessories and Toy Factory focus on practicality.
  • The long list of accessories can be ordered as dealer-installed options.
The market launch of the Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan is accompanied by a long list of aftermarket options, allowing owners to customize the SUV in many ways. Besides the genuine accessories offered by Toyota, buyers can modify the exterior with the help of Jaos and Modellista, or add a bed to the interior with Toy Factory’s camper kit.

And the best part is that these new accessories can be ordered as dealer-installed options, despite Jaos, Modellista, and Toy Factory being independent tuners.

Jaos touched on the rugged side of the Land Cruiser, which bizarrely doesn’t go as hardcore as the mechanically-related Lexus GX 550 Overtrail by the same tuner. The ¥107,800 ($698) skid plate bolted on the front bumper features integrated LEDs and can be combined with a ¥37,400 ($242) stainless steel plate for improved underbody protection.

The revisions also include a set of wide fender extensions for ¥92,400 ($598) and black side steps for ¥132,000 ($854). To top it off, there’s a set of 18-inch Jaos Tribe Cross alloy wheels available, manufactured by Enkei. The new wheels are available in black and gold finishes and can be shod in grippy Yokohama Open Country mud-terrain tires. Finally, a set of Jaos mudguards in black or red is available for ¥35,200 ($228), although Toyota also offers Land Cruiser-branded alternatives.


Moving on, the visual kit by Modellista is for those who find the design of the Land Cruiser too plain for their liking. The front and rear bumper garnish make the SUV look like a transformer, especially in combination with the extra LEDs mounted below the headlights.

The profile features fender extensions, side moldings, Defender-style gills, and a new set of 20-inch alloy wheels shod in all-terrain tires. The tuner also added a large rear spoiler and a black protective garnish on the tailgate. In addition, the LED fog lights can be converted to yellow, for better performance in bad weather. As for the interior, Modellista adds an illuminated dashboard trim and the familiar cushion that doubles as a bag.

If you want to dress up your Land Cruiser 250 in Modellista parts you’ll need ¥204,600 ($1,325) for the bumper add-ons, ¥77,000 ($499) for the extra LEDs, ¥132,000 ($855) for the fenders, ¥55,000 ($356) for the side moldings, ¥33,000 ($214) for the decorative side gills, ¥60,500 ($392) for the rear spoiler, and ¥480,700 ($3,113) for the wheel/tire combination.

Wanna Go Camping?

The Land Cruiser 250 Series has a spacious cabin so some owners might use it for their camping adventures. Toy Factory offers a double bed kit for these customers, which costs ¥305,800 ($1,980). Four independent cushions can be deployed above the cargo area and the folded second-row seats, with the help of a wooden frame. When not in use, the bed cushions can be stored on the boot, leaving plenty of room for other luggage. A similar kit is available for the Land Cruiser 70 Series.

To enhance the practicality of the Land Cruiser, Toyota has a few options of its own. There is a bottle holder, trash bins, an inner tray for the storage compartment on the center console, a premium cooling box, and a soft tray with matching trim covers for the cargo area. Finally, if the boot is not large enough for your kit, you can opt for Toyota’s flat-type roof rack which is priced at ¥187,000 ($1,210).

If you want help navigating through the wide range of aftermarket options, Toyota has a dedicated website with all the available accessories for the Land Cruiser 250 Series bundled in groups. Hopefully, some of the options will be offered in other markets outside Japan in the near future.




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Looks like the platform is shown in the diesel model, I dont see the raised portion of the floor.
Nice to see LC as a truly global platform. The List prices in JPY when converted to USD is quite attractive. Different powertrain of course but still interesting.

A couple notes. Front bumper has a licence plate holder. Why couldn’t NA versions have this. Also the rear hitch cover & bump is not present. No standard tow hitch receiver?
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