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Mar 23, 2024
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2024 Land Cruiser FE
With the digital instrument cluster being so customizable, there must be 1 million different configurations. Most of you guys have your preferences of what you want displayed and where and I’m sure they all differ. Let’s see some pictures of your customizations, I’m sure it will be interesting and maybe it will give some of us some ideas on how we can set things up and better utilize the settings.
I’m interested in this as well. I mostly want practical information displayed (rpm, mph, coolant temp, oil temp, trans temp). Data>aesthetics.
Great idea! There are 3 screens you can flip through while driving. I opted for the following. The fact that it spells out iForceMax from left to right is purely a coincidence ;)

I like the two little info windows where the MPG is. I don't think I have those turned on. I'm going to have to dig deeper in the menu and try to turn those on.
You have to long-press the 'OK' button and then the < > keys will let you move around the different areas. Th ^ v keys will let you change the type of meter. Page 108 of the manual has more details.
I get that part but how do you get the two extra windows. The one that has your mpg and the other looks like music playing?
Oh, those are called "Widgets" and they are not customizable. You have to go deep into the Meter settings. Long click on the type with a single meter like you have it (instead of two side-by-side) and another window pops up where you can enable 'Widgets'.

BTW: I figured out that the MPG "widget" is a trip meter. There is a specific MPG meter you can select in one of the larger side areas, which can be configured to either be 'trip' or 'total' (and can be reset).
I’m kind of disappointed that I can’t have a Single meter on one page and a 2 meter on the other. Once you select single, it becomes single on all three pages or double on all three pages if you select double. You can’t mix and match.
I looked at the extra manual that came in for the screens…can I have a single gauge on screen 1 and on screen 3 the one with tach and speedo?