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Apr 24, 2024
What are everyone's thoughts on the premium wheels? All of the allocations around me have included the premium wheels(including the one i will be receiving). Is it worth asking the dealer to swap for the 18 inch non premium? I am aware there will be costs attached.

What are you guys planning for your wheel/tire combo?

Ive always been a 4runner person. This will be my first LC. Very excited!
Depends on the weather where you are and what your end goal is.

If you are going to want a lift and big tires, no need to change anything now. If you're going to go with '35's, no OEM wheel will be ideal because you'll want to adjust the offset.

If you have winter weather where you are, consider using the OEM wheels for winter tires and buy aftermarket rims for some more interesting three season rubber.

If you don't plan on wheeling it off-road, it doesn't really matter as far as function goes. Maybe a little stiffer ride on the 20s, but not a big deal. At that point it's a cosmetic choice.

Personally, I'll put a 3PMS AT on the 20's until the dust settles on aftermarket lift kits, etc. That will do me fine until next spring and I know what I'm doing for my summer wheels. The OEM will always remain my winter wheel.
I’ll do something different than the OEM wheels and tires but not yet sure what exactly. Definitely 18” rims and for sure an AT tire (either Falken Wildpeak or Cooper AT3 XLT).

I do like the GX550 Overtrail wheels a lot and if they accepted the Toyota center cap that would be a consideration. That said, I’m 100% sure they will be a lot more $$$ than an aftermarket wheel. Still way too early to know exactly what I’ll do as I don’t expect to be able to get a LC until late this year.
I will probably go with Falken Wildpeak4 pretty quick like but honestly, I have very little info of what the LC will really look like. I would normally go to the manufacturers website and “build” one but Toyotas does not seem to work for me.
I might ask them to swap out the 20's for 18's. Just hate paying for the 20's and paying for new 18's
I would normally go to the manufacturers website and “build” one but Toyotas does not seem to work for me.
I could not build a Toyota accessing their website with Microsoft Edge, and had to use Chrome.