A good day for a 1958


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May 20, 2024
I really wish everyone here could have the experience we have had with getting our ‘58. Went into the dealer ten days ago and they happened to have an unclaimed 1958 coming in somewhere between 6/16-6/29.
It is now sitting in our driveway and will be taking over as a daily driver from our 2004 RAV4.
We were impressed with the overall car buying experience at Beaverton, Toyota. No markup, not too much pressure on the extended warranty, and overall very friendly to deal with.
While we were there, someone passed on another 1958 since it didn’t have auto seats. Not sure of that vehicle is still available or not.
Only downside to the day was someone nearly t-boned us on the way home but thankfully the LC breaks great and we were able to stop short as they the flew through a four way intersection.
I really hope that everyone that’s been waiting on the QC hold or are just waiting for their order to be filled get good news shortly and you all can have your new LC in your driveway soon.


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Congrats! As of this afternoon I saw a white and black 1958 on the lot at Beaverton Toyota. Great color choice, enjoy it!
A lovely lady! Congratulations.
Will she be going off road? If so, where?
Thank you. She will be spending a good amount of time out on the sandy beaches of the Oregon coast. Will probably get up into the mountains as well.
We also have a camper van so depends on how long we’re out for as to which vehicle we will likely take.